How To Fill In NSFAS Application Form 2023

By | December 16, 2022

How To Fill In NSFAS Application Form 2023

How do I fill out an NSFAS application, How To Fill In NSFAS Application Form 2023

How do I fill out an NSFAS application,How To Fill In NSFAS Application Form 2023

For the academic year 2023–2024, do you plan to submit an NSFAS application? Please read the information we’ve provided below and follow the step-by-step directions to help you with your application if you’d like to learn how to complete the NSFAS online application form.

Where Can I Get An Application For The NSFAS

Visit the NSFAS website to access the application form in pdf format for downloading. After everything has been completed, submit it to the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at your university or FET school together with the necessary supporting papers. is the address you should use to submit your application for NSFAS along with any supporting documentation.

How To Fill In NSFAS Application Form 2023/2024

  • Create a myNsfas account
  • If you have an existing myNsfas account, click on ‘login’ when going to myNsfas and complete your information
  • If you don’t have a myNsfas account, click on ‘Create account
  • Log into your myNsfas account
  • Click on ‘Apply’
  • Answer the questions on the screen
  • Upload the required supporting documents
  • Click on ‘Submit’
  • You will then receive an application reference number

Required Documents to Support Your NSFAS Funding Application

Note the vital paperwork listed below that must be included with the application:

  •  All applicants must provide a copy of their ID. A temporary ID issued by the Department of Home Affairs will be accepted.
  •  Non-SASSA applicants must provide ID copies of parent/s, legal guardian/guardian, or spouse.
  •  Smart ID cards: a copy with both sides of the smart ID must be provided.
  •  Proof of income: applicant and/or parents/legal guardian/spouse (where applicable (non-SASSA) should provide the latest payslip, not older 3 months, UIF letter, appointment letter, retrenchment letter (applicant and/or parent(s), legal guardian/spouse).
  •  A person with disabilities: to complete Disability Annexure A form

Courses NSFAS Do Not Fund

NSFAS does not cover the following:

  • Short courses.
  • Courses offered at a private college or private higher education institution.
  • Part-time studies.
  • Postgraduate studies.
  • Second degrees.

Application Deadline NSFAS

The National Financial Aid Scheme funding application deadline is January 21, 2023, for current students and prospective students. Because the Management has extended the deadline for NSFAS 2022 Applications, no late applications will be considered

NSFAS Contact Details

Post: Private Bag X1, Plumstead 7801, South Africa
Address: 10 Brodie Road, House Vincent 2nd Floor, Wynberg, Cape Town 7700
Tel: 0860 067 327
Twitter: @myNSFAS

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