NSFAS Funded Courses 2023

By | December 6, 2022

NSFAS Funded Courses 2023

Which courses are not funded by NSFAS, NSFAS Funded Courses 2023

Which courses are not funded by NSFAS,NSFAS Funded Courses 2023

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme helps participants pay for their education costs through the NSFAS bursary. The application season for this scholarship usually starts in August or September and lasts through November or December of the same year. The NSFAS bursary covers a wide range of courses. NSFAS provides financial aid to current and prospective students who wish to enroll in one of South Africa’s public universities or TVET institutions. NSFAS will cover the cost of any course attended at these Colleges, subject to a few restrictions. Remember that NSFAS will only cover your first certification and will not provide funding for any subsequent qualifications.

Are NSFAS Funded Online Courses

Online courses are in fact financially supported by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). However, the online courses must be overseen by a public college, university, or TVET facility.

Again, NSFAS does not sponsor second undergraduate degrees; it only provides funding for undergraduate programs at public universities and public TVET colleges.

Can I Switch My Course and Still Get NSFAS Funding

You won’t lose your NSFAS funding if you switch courses as long as the new course is NSFAS-funded and complies with NSFAS course requirements.

Reading If I Change My Course, Will NSFAS Still Fund Me? is suggested. to out more about how changing your course may affect your eligibility for NSFAS support.

Which Courses Are Not Funded by NSFAS

Few courses are outside the scope of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), as was previously stated, and these courses are not funded by the NSFAS program.

Courses that NSFAS does not fund are;

  • Postgraduate courses
  • Short courses
  • A Second Undergraduate qualification
  • Part-time courses
  • Courses studied at Private Institutions

NSFAS Funded Courses 2023

Now, which courses does NSFAS not fund?

  • Postgraduate qualifications
  • Part-time studies
  • Private institution courses

A second undergraduate qualification

Short courses

  • Adult Learning
  • Building Construction
  • Building Construction
  • Cleaning, Domestic, Hiring, Property, and Rescue Services
  • Communication Studies
  • Consumer Services
  • Cultural Studies
  • Curative Health
  • Design Studies
  • Drawing Office Practice
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering and Related Design
  • Environmental Relations
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Fabrication and Extraction
  • Film Television and Video
  • Finance, Economics, and Accounting
  • Forestry and Wood Technology
  • General Social Science
  • Generic
  • Generic Management
  • Higher Education and Training
  • Horticulture
  • Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Gaming, and Leisure
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial & Organizational Governance and HR Development
  • Information Studies
  • Information Technology and Computer Sciences
  • Justice in Society
  • Language
  • Life Sciences
  • Literature
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Marketing
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mechatronics
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Nature Conservation
  • Occupationally Directed ETD Practice
  • Office Administration
  • People/Human-Centred Development
  • Performing Arts
  • Personal Care
  • Physical Planning, Design, and Management
  • Physical Sciences
  • Preventive Health
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Primary Agriculture
  • Process Plant Operations
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Promotive Health and Developmental Services
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Public Policy, Politics, and Democratic Citizenship
  • Public Relations
  • Rehabilitative Health/Services
  • Religious and Ethical Foundations of Society
  • Rural and Agrarian Studies
  • Safety in Society
  • Schooling
  • Secondary Agriculture
  • The sovereignty of the State
  • Sport
  • Traditions, History, and Legacies
  • Transport, Operations, and Logistics
  • Undefined
  • Urban and Regional Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • Wholesale and Retail

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