Sassa Distress Grant

By | March 3, 2023

Sassa Distress Grant

Sassa Distress Grant Application

The Social Relief of Distress Grant is a short-term financial aid package designed for those who are in such severe financial need that they are unable to provide for the most basic needs of their family. Providing food in the form of a food parcel or a food voucher is considered a Social Relief of Distress. Some provinces provide this help in the form of money. The duration of Social Relief of Distress is typically up to three months, although it may be extended for an additional three months.

According to section 32 of the Social Assistance Act of 2004 (Act No. 13 of 2004), the SRD Grant is administered and carried out with the approval of the Minister of Finance. The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) is intended for South African citizens, refugees, asylum seekers, and holders of special permits who are between the ages of 18 and 60 have insufficient means, do not receive social grants on their own behalf, are not eligible for or do not contribute to the UIF payment, and have no other financial support.

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Who Is Eligible To Apply For Sassa Distress Grant

The following people who are in following distress can apply for a distress relief grant:

  • You need help while you wait for your children’s grants to be processed
  • A crisis or disaster has occurred (e.g. your house has burnt down)
  • You do not qualify for a grant, and you are in a desperate situation
  • You are unable to work for a period of fewer than six months because you are medically unfit
  • You are unable to get maintenance from the other parent of your child or children
  • The breadwinner in the family has died
  • The breadwinner has been sent to prison for a short time (less than six months)
  • You have been affected by a disaster, but the area or community in which you live has not been declared a disaster area

How Long Does It Take To Recieve Sassa Distress Grant

When you submit your Sassa Distress Relief Grant application :

  • Your application will be processed immediately.
  • Once your application is submitted, it will be assessed for credibility and your genuine need for the service.
  • Even if you do not have all the documents, you will get your first month’s food parcel, voucher or cash.
  • Remember to take all the documents to the officer before the second month’s payment is due. If you do not, you may not get your second and third month’s food parcel, voucher or cash.
  • If there is no change in your circumstances after you have received the grant for three months, you may apply to have the grant extended for another three months.

How Much Does It Cost For Sassa Distress Grant Application

  • Applicant dont pay any amount to apply for Sassa Relief Grant. The service is free.

Sassa Distress Grant Application Documents Needed

Applicants are to submit their application with the following documents:

  • Your 13-digit bar-coded identity document and your children’s birth certificates.
  • If your identity document and/or birth certificate are not available:
    • an affidavit commissioned by a Justice of the Peace. The affidavit must contain a clause which indicates that the provision of incorrect or inaccurate information will result in prosecution in terms of Section 21 of the Social Assistance Act, 2004.
    • a sworn statement by a reputable person who knows the applicant and the child. This may be from a councillor, traditional leader, social worker or minister of religion.
    • proof that an application for a birth certificate or identity document has been lodged with the Department of Home Affairs.
    • where applicable, a temporary identity document issued by the Department of Home Affairs.
    • a baptismal certificate.
    • a road to health clinic card.
    • a school report.

Please Note: No application can be processed without the sworn statement/affidavit.

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Sassa Distress Grant Application Procedure 2024/2025

The step to step process listed below will guide you to apply for a Sassa relief grant in South Africa:

  • Apply for social relief of distress at your nearest South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office or visit
  • Submit your application by attaching all the required documents as requested by Sassa
  • If you do not have an identity document and birth certificate, an affidavit from your local police station, chief or councillor, or a religious leader may be enough proof.
  • Show proof that you:
    • have applied for a grant
    • have had an emergency (e.g. provide a police report that your house burnt down)
    • have tried to get maintenance
    • have no other support
    • are married, divorced, or single
    • have no income
    • have a short-term medical disability.

Sassa Contact Details

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)

All active SRD R350 grant applications or reapplications made since April 2022 will automatically be considered for each month until March 2023. Existing applicants can update their responses to the screening questionnaire here, at any time, should their circumstances change or to correct errors. Visit the official website of Sassa For More Details.

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