What Day Of The Month Does SASSA Pay?

By | February 21, 2023

What Day Of The Month Does SASSA Pay?

What Day Of The Month Does SASSA Pay?: SASSA Payment Dates

The South African Social Security Agency, or SASSA for short, provides social assistance services to eligible South African nationals, including monthly cash transfers to those in need.

Beneficiaries receive Sassa payments on the second day of each new month. If the second day of the month falls on a weekend or a public holiday, Sassa grant payments might be made later. Care Dependence Grant, Child Support Grant, Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, Grant-In-Aid, Older People Grant, Social Relief of Distress Grant, and War Veterans Grant are some of the partial grants distributed by SASS.

SASSA Payment Dates for February 2023

  • Older Person’s Grant – From Thursday 2nd February 2023
  • Disability Grant – From Friday 3rd February 2023
  • All Other SASSA Grants – From Monday 6th February 2023

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How long does Sassa take to get paid?

It may take up to three months to complete the application process. Once the grant is approved by Sassa, the beneficiaries will get paid from the date they applied for the grant.

how long does it take to pay?

Sassa will pay to beneficiaries as the payment is processed. Once the beneficiaries get grant payment, they can collect their money through banks, cash send, or through any merchant/retail outlets, including Checker, Usave, Shoprite, Pick’n pay, boxer, etc. The beneficiaries can check their grant status at any time through the online portal: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status.

When the beneficiaries request to retail for grant money, they must have their ID document and cell phone access to the number registered at the time of application. Sassa most,y preferred the bank option to get the money as it is the safest and fastest means of money transferring. The Sassa also advised their beneficiaries who collect their grant through the post office that they should withdraw their funds through retail outlets. SASSA Payment Dates

How do I check my Sassa SRD status check balance?

You need to dial a number *120*69277# on your phone. Follow the instruction given on the phone call and get an SMS notification about your balance status. After that, the applicant gets an SMS notification about their Sassa balance status.


SASSA ( South African Social Security Agency) Contact Information:

  • SASSA Head Office: 012 400 2000
  • SASSA toll-free Helpline: 0800 60 10 11
  • SASSA Email: info@sassa.gov.za

For more information, visit the official website;

The information we have provided will help all applicants know more about the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), you can also click this link for further details.









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