Which Date Is SASSA Payment

By | April 26, 2023

Which Date Is SASSA Payment

Which Date Is SASSA Payment: When did SASSA pay this month?

The confusion of when SASSA payments will be announced is crucial for those who rely on social grants in South Africa. Individuals can manage their budgets and make sure they have the resources necessary to cover their bills by being aware of when payments are due. We’ll talk about the SASSA payment dates in this article, along with the different grant options and the timing of payments throughout the year. This article will offer helpful insights into the schedule of SASSA payments and what to anticipate throughout the year, whether you depend on social grants or are just interested in it in general.

Sassa Payment Dates for 2023-2024

Here are the payment dates for SASSA grants in 2023:

  • 3 January 2023
  • 1 February 2023
  • 1 March 2023
  • 3 April 2023
  • 2 May 2023
  • 1 June 2023
  • 3 July 2023
  • 1 August 2023
  • 1 September 2023
  • 2 October 2023
  • 1 November 2023
    1 December 2023

NOTE: It’s important to note that these payment dates may be subject to change, and SASSA may communicate any changes through their official channels. Additionally, if the payment date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the grant may be paid on the nearest working day. It’s recommended to check with SASSA for any updates or changes to the payment schedule. When did SASSA pay this month?

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What are the criteria for qualifying and the required paperwork for Sassa Status Check for R350 Payment Dates?

The eligibility requirements and documents for the Sassa R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant were as follows:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The applicant must be a South African citizen or permanent resident.
  • The applicant must be unemployed, and not receive any income or government assistance.
  • The applicant must not be receiving any UIF, NSFAS, or any other government funding.
  • The applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 59 years.
  • The applicant must not be a beneficiary of any other Sassa grant.

Documents Required:

  • A South African ID or permanent resident permit.
  • Proof of residence (such as a utility bill or bank statement).
  • A cellphone number that can receive SMS notifications.
  • A valid and active bank account (if the applicant chooses to receive payments via bank transfer).

It’s important to note that eligibility requirements and documentation requirements are subject to change over time, so it’s always best to check with the relevant authorities or Sassa offices for the latest updates. When did SASSA pay this month?

How to check the status of your SASSA payment online

To check the status of your SASSA payment online, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the SASSA website at www.sassa.gov.za.
  • Click on the “Login” button in the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Enter your username and password in the provided fields, and click “Login.”
  • Once you’re logged in, navigate to the “My Status” section of your account.
  • In the “My Status” section, you’ll be able to view the status of your most recent payment, including the payment date and amount.

If you’re having trouble logging into your SASSA account or accessing the “My Status” section, you may need to reset your password or contact SASSA for assistance. Additionally, it’s important to note that SASSA payments may sometimes be delayed or disrupted due to factors such as public holidays or technical issues. Be sure to check the status of your payment regularly and contact SASSA if you have any concerns or questions.

SASSA Contact Information:

  • Address: SASSA House, 501 Prodinsa Building, cnr Steve Biko and Pretorius Street, PRETORIA
  • SASSA Head Office: 012 400 2000/0800 60 10 11
  • SASSA Email: info@sassa.gov.za

I encourage every individual to visit the SASSA website at www.sassa.gov.za for the latest information on their services and other news. Visit this website for other related details.


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